Ultrasounds in Detroit

Pregnancy is a special time for any woman. For the right pre-natal care for your baby, the staff at DMC Medical Group is here for you. We are proud to be the leading source for ultrasounds in Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas. From a 3D pregnancy ultrasound to your first sonography screening, we are available to perform a range of services for women of all ages. Call 888-300-3627 today to schedule an appointment and check on your baby’s development, locate important provider information, find out about office locations and hours. You may also complete the contact form on this page for more information.

Ultrasound Images 

3D Pregnancy Ultrasound

As technology advances, medical facilities have become better equipped for women’s health. When you schedule your appointment with the staff at DMC Medical Group, your physician will work with you to create high-resolution images during your ultrasound. During this scheduled 18-20 week scan, he or she will use the latest 3D technology to acquire a clear view of the health of your baby.

Scheduling Your Pregnancy Ultrasounds

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, congratulations! Many of our patients are unsure of the next steps to take. In fact, some women report that their pregnancy does not even feel "real" until they go for their first ultrasound.

An ultrasound is a prenatal test performed on pregnant women. Most women receive their first ultrasound during the second trimester, while others choose to have one before they reach the 14-week mark. This unique technology uses sound waves to create a picture of the baby in the womb. During your ultrasound, you will not only be able to see the baby's gender, but your doctor can perform the following:

  • Confirm Pregnancy
  • Determine Number of Children
  • Check Your Baby's Age & Growth
  • Screen Your Baby's Heartbeat, Muscle, Movement, & Development
  • Screen for Any Birth Defects
  • Perform Prenatal Tests
  • Examine Ovaries, Uterus, & Womb
  • Check for any Pregnancy Complications

Woman Holding Her Belly

Technology of Sonography for Pregnancy

Even before you've given birth, your first priority is the health of you and your baby. Is an ultrasound safe? Also called sonography, ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to produce images in specific areas throughout the body. This non-invasive imaging is safe for women during every trimester.

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